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Yo BMT I’m on a big man ting

I ain’t going into clubs without my big hand ting

Got 11 on my finger that’s a big man ring

Yeah I got a big bag no bin man ting

See me jumping in them porches with them big backs tings

All I really know for sure is I won’t kiss dat ting

Big man ting

My niggas tryna bring straps in

See them in some big shaq ting..

Verse 1 :

My rollie that’s a pressie not a gmt

I’m rolling with my black youngsta there not cmg

I’m on my block or at the top that’s where ur seeing me

My nigga Stro serving 3 on 3s out that gle

My mummy told that there playing me on BBC

My yungen always doing shooting on a wheelie spree

So all they really got is dirt bikes like dbe

My teacher was a bitch she never did believe


But now she’s looking lost

Cos her whole year wages that’s my booking cost

Man it feels like ages since I coookd a block

But that cos I left yung niggas jug it off

Where seeing them

Turn 18 I went to adult jail I’m seeing men

Going in a cell for 1 on1s and there’s 3 of them

Still I got it cracking

I'm never feeling wet

Got a brick Of my aki Khaled nigga we the best.....

Verse: 2

Yo big man ting I’m on some big man stuff

U ain’t never bought no bricks cos that big man grub

I’m in the g wagon vanishing big man truck

All my niggas are attracting is them big back sluts

Yo I’m jiggy jiggy with it

I’m busy busy with it

My nigga he gets lizzy with it

Now we’re in a prison visit


Man had some pretty girls all scratching up my foreign car

Yo that’s a problem darg

But yo big man ting

All I’m hearing these days is can u bring man in

I was trappin all night n you weren’t with that ting

U was outside raving on some wing man ting

Little silly pricks

An I got pretty chicks tryna send me images

Tryna make me finish with the misses

But I ain’t gonna finish with the misses she’s the realist

Just come and bust it open once your finish with the dishes

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